Construction Litigation AttorneyConstruction litigation involves various types of lawsuits. Often, construction litigation can be avoided with proper contract drafting. Other times, litigation is unavoidable.  Some common forms of construction litigation are:

    • Non-payment – breach of contract – We have over 20 years of experience representing clients in breach of contract cases.
    • Mechanic’s liens – We are helping contractors and sub-contractors protect their interests and recover from non-paying property owners either through settlement or foreclosing on the lien.
    • Claims over defective work – There are also specific issues associated with service contracts that you should be aware of, the most important being the warranty provision.
    • Scope of work disputes – Always use an independent contractor agreement when you intend for this type of relationship. If you need help with any aspect of independent contractor agreements, call us today.
    • Acceleration claims – In order to enforce a promissory note, the creditor must bring a lawsuit against the debtor. Contact us for more information. Hiring a civil litigation attorney becomes a essential in such claims and disputes.

James G. Dibbini and Associates P.C. has experience representing construction companies and property owners alike. If you need help with any form of construction dispute, give us a call at (914) 965-1011 or email us at to learn more.