To dissolve your Corporation, you must  get permission from the Tax Department and  file the necessary paperwork with the Department of State, including filing a Certificate of Dissolution. Once you get permission from the Tax Department, you must file a final tax return. File as you usually would but this time, check the box marked “final” at the top of your return. The Tax Department will check if you are up to date on all payments and if so, will issue you a written consent to dissolve the corporation.

You are now ready to file for Dissolution with the Department of State:

  1. Complete a Certificate of Dissolution; then,
  2. File this Certificate of Dissolution along with two copies of your written consent from the Tax Department and a $60 check made out to: New York Department of State.
  3. Once the Department of States accepts the Certificate of Dissolution, they will issue you a filing receipt which establishes the date your corporation ceases to exist.

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