Our civil litigation experience and capability include more than what is listed here. With every case, we complete an in-depth analysis of all facts involved, anticipate the actions of the other party’s legal counsel and build strategies to effectively present your case.  From pre-trial negotiation to courtroom representation to appellate motions, we have experienced great success and provide effective, personalized service in evictions, civil litigation, lease matters and contract disputes.

With legal proceedings, there are often deadlines established that must be met.  From filing a complaint to filing a motion to filing an appeal, we work to meet every deadline.  However, we can only begin to work on your behalf after you contact us. When you suspect a dispute may arise or anticipate litigation, call our office at (914) 965-1011 to speak with one of our experienced landlord-tenant lawyers.  We know the system, we know the law, and we know the exceptions; we can help you.