No matter what your age or health, it is important that, in addition to your will, you have the advanced directives accompanying your will.  Advanced directives are a group of documents, specifically a living will, health care proxy and power of attorney, which address important concerns regarding medical care and asset management.  At the same time we sit down to discuss your will, we will also talk about the advanced directives.  Typically, these documents accompany your will and may be executed at the same time.

You have the right to control your medical treatment as long as you are mentally able to do so.  Generally, a doctor will offer you different methods of treatment, explaining the purpose, benefits, risks, etc., with the choice of accepting or even refusing treatment being ultimately yours.  In the event of a serious accident or illness, advanced directives speak for you when you are unable to speak for yourself.

The advanced directives address several important concerns medical care and asset management, including the following:

  • What kind of medical care would you want?
  • Would you want life support?
  • If so, for how long?
  • Do you want DNR (do not resuscitate)?
  • Do you want to be placed in an elder care facility?
  • Should you become too ill to make decisions about your medical care, who do you trust to make those decisions for you?
  • How will expenses, i.e. mortgage, rent, property taxes, be paid so you do not lose your house and/or belongings.

While difficult to think about, these questions are important to consider.Should you become unable to make decisions about your medical care; the health care proxy and living will state your preferences regarding treatment.

Our focus is to understand our clients’ wants and needs.  We work closely with our clients to ensure they understand the various available options.  In this important process, our clients are as much involved in the drafting and implementing of their will documents and/or estate plan as we are.

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