Top Ten Tips for Landlords before and after renting an apartment.

So many times I see basic mistakes made by landlords that if avoided would prevent expensive litigation and lost rent. That is why I put together these top ten tips for landlords. Read more

What is an unlawful, illegal or wrongful eviction?

While everyone would love for the relationship between a landlord and a tenant to be amicable, the unfortunate reality is that sometimes landlords must seek to evict tenants in order to maintain a safe and profitable property. Read more

What is an order to show cause in a landlord tenant matter?

An order to show cause or sometimes referred to as an OSC is a motion made by a party (typically a tenant) to be heard by a Judge on a pending action. Usually the OSC is filed after a landlord obtains a judgment of eviction and a tenant is served with a notice of eviction or a 72 hour notice of eviction. Read more

Due Diligence for multi family or other investment property purchases

Buying an investment property is undoubtedly one of the largest investments one can make. Thus, it is imperative that a buyer do his/her due diligence at the beginning of the transaction and usually before signing contracts. Due diligence, regardless of the type of property, is the investigation of the quality, both physical and intangible aspects of the property being conveyed. Read more

What is a holdover proceeding?

A holdover proceeding is a proceeding to evict a tenant on any grounds other than the nonpayment of rent. Whether the case is Yonkers, Mt. Vernon, White Plains, New Rochelle or in the boroughs such as the Bronx or Manhattan, the process is similar. Read more

Do you need a zoning variance for your property?

New York State’s Constitution grants the state legislature the broad authority to regulate land use if it is in the public interest. Although the state retains some authority, much of the power to plan communities and provide for and enforce zoning regulations has been delegated to local municipalities. Read more

How long will it take to evict my tenant?

We understand the urgency of getting positive results asap. Timing of a landlord-tenant matter is largely impacted by whether the action brought is a:
a. Nonpayment Proceeding
(which is an action for rent owed) or Read more