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Yonkers Lawyers’ Association

James G. Dibbini is the President of the Yonkers Lawyers’ Association.

  • The Yonkers Lawyers’ Association is an organization of lawyers established to promote professional competence, enforce standards of ethical conduct, and encourage a spirit of public service among members of the legal profession.
    The mission of a bar association is frequently described in the words of Roscoe Pound, legal scholar and dean of Harvard Law School from 1916 to 1936:
    “[To] promote and maintain the Practice of Law as a profession, that is, as a learned art pursued in the spirit of a public service – in the spirit of a service of furthering the administration of justice through and according to law.”
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Upcoming Yonkers Lawyers’ Association Events:

Yonkers Chamber of Commerce

  • James G. Dibbini & Associates, P.C. is proud to announce that The Yonkers Chamber of Commerce Business Hall of Fame has honored our firm with the Business Growth Award for 2016. It is an honor to receive this award and we would like to thank our dedicated clients and amazing staff for making this award possible.

Yonkers Owner’s Association

James G. Dibbini is the President of a new organization called the Yonkers Owner’s Association.

  • Mission Statement: The Yonkers Owners’ Association is a nonprofit organization made up of Yonkers property owners and property managers with a united interest in making a better, safer, cleaner Yonkers where reinvestment into the community is recognized by the city as a critical element in revitalization and growth and where the city administration and courts work together with the owners and property managers for a better Yonkers.
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Upcoming Yonkers Owner’s Association Events:

Yonkers Owners Association Meeting on 02/16/17

Yonkers Owners Association Meeting on 01/17/17

Yonkers Owners Association Meeting on 11/30/16

Yonkers Owners Association Meeting on 10/25/16